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May 31, 2014 - 6:30pm - Seattle
Third Place Books

17171 Bothell Way NE
Lake Forest Park, WA 98155

Richelle will be reading and signing her new novel, The Immortal Crown, second in the Age of X series. Richelle's other books will be on sale, and you may also bring books from home. (Although, if you need any of her titles, it's nice to buy them at the store as a thank you for hosting her!).  Richelle will sign a total of four books per person--one personalized and three with just plain signatures. If you have more books than that, bring a friend to carry them for you! Pictures will be allowed if time permits.



I'm often asked why I never come to [x city]. A lot of people don't realize I've actually made quite a few rounds in the last year and may have visited your home in the past! Here's a list of some places I went in 2010: Chicago, Delaware, Philadelphia, Albuquerque, St. Louis, Atlanta, Detroit, Seattle, Toronto, Mobile, Cincinnati, Salt Lake City, New Orleans, Miami, New York City, and the UK.  In 2009, I signed in Seattle, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Portland, Detroit, Chicago, Orlando, Louisville, Atlanta, Vancouver, Boston, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Washington DC, and Australia. In 2008, I was also in New York City, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Pittsburgh.

My publisher decides where I go, not me, and they try to get me in as many new places as possible. We do re-visit a lot of cities, so I may come back to yours, but hopefully that list shows we haven't neglected you!