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Contacting Me

If you have a misprinted book, please contact the bookstore you purchased it from for a refund or replacement. They're the ones that handle it. Thanks!


I read all my messages but am almost never able to answer back.  So sorry!  I still love hearing from people, but writing books keeps me busy.  I'm sure you'd rather have me work on those than email!

Many people send me the same questions, such as:

"Is there going to be a movie?"
"Will there be another book?"
"Can you help with my school project?"

Those questions and many others are all answered here on my FAQ. Check it out before emailing me, and you're more likely to get an answer.

You are still welcome to send me email, but again--I usually can't respond. Check the FAQ first.

Here's my email address.

Other ways to talk to me...

I have two mailing lists:

* My Google mailing list is for announcements only--tour dates, contests, new releases, etc. I am the only one who can send mail on it. You'll usually hear from me about once a month. You can join it here.

* My Yahoo mailing list is a discussion group for all of my books. It is a busy, chatty list, and you will get lots of email. If you're into that, cool. If not, stick to the Google list. Join the Yahoo list here.

I'm also able to sometimes respond to my readers through these sites. Sometimes I can't keep up with them either!

*My LiveJournal Blog



*ReallyRichelle on Instagram

Check out my FAQ!

It's likely you may have a question that others have asked. My FAQ page might be able to help!