What's a Vodka Gimlet?

Why, it's Georgina's drink of choice, of course!

1.5 oz - Vodka (Grey Goose, for those in the know)
1 oz - Rose's Sweetened Lime Juice
Lime slice

Mix first two ingredients in a shaker with ice. Put the lime on the rim of a cocktail glass and slide it around the whole way. Strain the vodka and lime mixture into the cocktail glass.

Other recipes recommend a teaspoon of powdered sugar if you're using unsweetened lime juice. Rose's makes it a lot easier, however. And tastier.

Finally, those of my friends who have already read the first two Succubus Blues books know Georgina won't settle for less than Grey Goose vodka. Some might think that's just her own weird quirk, but I recently discovered a gimlet expert who shares her opinion and can provide better detail on gimlet mixing.

Happy drinking! We'll be making this by the gallon at the release party!