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Thanks for stopping by.  I write urban fantasy novels for both teens and adults, drink a lot of coffee, and am convinced my neighbors are ex-KGB spies. I also think music was perfected in the 1980s. But not clothing.

The links around here will lead you to more information about me and my books, including where you can meet me, answers to my most popular questions, and up-to-the-minute news and/or wacky mishaps on my blog.

So look around, and find out what I'm all about.  Happy reading!


The latest news...

* Can't make it to a book signing? Richelle is once again autographing books for mail order! Get the details here.

* Get all the info about The Fiery Heart, the latest in the Bloodlines series, here!

* The Immortal Crown, the second book in the Age of X series, is coming soon! Do you have all the info?

* Looking for the Dark Swan comic series? The first four issues are available here.

* Want Vampire Academy shirts, jewelry, and more? Click here.


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Upcoming Books


The Fiery Heart
Bloodlines #4

Available now!



The Immortal Crown
Age of X #2

Available May 29, 2014!