Again, please read all the information on Richelle’s contact page before writing. Also make sure you’re writing to the correct address.

Email Directory:

  • For interview requests, info about appearances, and non-rights business, please contact Richelle’s business manager at
  • Note: although, you may send interview requests, please keep in mind that Richelle usually only do ones that have been initiated by her publishers and publicist.
  • For information about foreign publishing rights or any other rights to my works, please contact Richelle’s literary agency, Dystel and Goderich, at
  • Reviews and review copies are handled directly by Penguin Books and Kensington Books, who tend to only work with reviewers they already have business relationships with
  • All other questions and comments can be sent to, though please understand that while she reads her messages, her schedule won’t always let her respond to all of them.  You can also post questions and comments to her Facebook and Twitter pages


  • Do not send any writing samples or excerpts of novels/stories. They will be deleted. Sorry!
  • Richelle is unable to be anyone’s pen pal or maintain a regular correspondence. Sorry again!