Read these FAQ’s with Richelle!

What will your next book be?

  • My latest book, Soundless, just came out and is a standalone set in a fantasy world rooted in Chinese mythology and history. It takes place in a mysterious mountain village where no one has been able to hear for generations, a situation made worse as villagers now begin to lose their sight. When a teenage girl wakes one morning with her hearing restored, it sets her upon a dangerous quest to learn the truth about her people’s past and how she can stop the looming darkness that threatens them.

    Next April, I’ll be starting an entirely new series. It takes place in a world inspired by Elizabethan England and colonial American in which impoverished girls are trained to become upper class ladies in order to make respectable marriages in a New World across the ocean. But don’t be fooled—these girls aren’t going to just go meekly to their fates. Along with making their own choices in love, they find themselves enmeshed with pirates, spies, and heretics, to name a few. The first book in the series, The Glittering Court, comes out in April 2016, and you’re going to love it.

Where can I buy your books? 

How many books will be in each series?
 Things always change, but here is the current plan for my three series:

  • Georgina Kincaid series – There are 6 total in the series
  • Vampire Academy series – There are 6 total in the series, with the story continued in Bloodlines
  • Bloodlines series – There are 6 total
  • Dark Swan series – Currently there are 4, with another hopefully in the far-off future
  • Age of X series – Unknown at this point
  • Soundless – Only 1 – this is a standalone novel

Is there any way the next book can come out sooner?

  • No. Release dates are determined by the book companies and are based on many, many different factors. How fast I write the books doesn’t make a difference. I could write a new book every day, and they would still have to be released 6-12 months apart.

Is Vampire Academy going to be a movie?

  • Vampire Academy IS a movie! It came out in theaters on February 2014 and is available on DVD. Currently, there are no plans to make a sequel or turn the Bloodlines series into a movie. This is in the hands of the producers — not me.

Who’s on the covers of the Vampire Academy books?

Covers are designed by a book company’s art department and are something I have little say about. Since everyone has different ideas about how characters look, the art department’s ideas may not quite match the books’ descriptions or your ideas. Or, the art department may not have even read the book. Here’s my best guess:
  1. Vampire Academy – Rose

  2. Frostbite – The girl is Rose, and the guy is a mystery even to me. Without the red eyes, he’d be Christian. He’s too young to be Isaiah
  3. Shadow Kiss – Lissa and Dimitri are on the old version; Rose is supposed to be on the new one
  4. Blood Promise – Rose

  5. Spirit Bound – Rose and ???
Last Sacrifice – Rose

Are Frostbite and Shadow Kiss available in hardcover?

Unfortunately, these aren’t available in hardcover, and there are no plans to release them that way. This is a decision from the publisher and nothing I have control over.

When is the next Vampire Academy book coming out?

  • The VA series is technically finished, but the spin-off series Bloodlines continues the story in the same world, just told by different characters. Some of our old favorites make appearances! With Bloodlines now finished, I have moved on to other projects. The VA series is definitely something I might come back to in the future, but I have no concrete plans or any information on dates, what characters would be featured, etc.

When is the next Georgina book coming out?

The Georgina Kincaid series is finished.

When is the next Dark Swan book coming out?

  • Shadow Heir technically finished the series, though I hope someday to write a fifth book.

Why can’t you come do a signing in my city?

  • Travel is extremely expensive, even for one night, once you add up airfare and hotel costs. My publishers pay for my big tours, but they’re on budgets too and choose cities based on city size and relationships with bookstores. I occasionally set up signings myself, and since I live on the west coast, it is easier for me to travel around this area. Also, if I’m on vacation, I’ll try to do a signing wherever I go–but I don’t have the time or money to visit every place. I truly wish I could visit everywhere because I LOVE meeting readers, but I’m afraid it’s just not possible! A list of my current signings and travel can be found in the events section.

Are your books available outside the United States?

  • Yes! My books are published all around the world and have been translated into dozens and dozens of languages. Books in English-speaking countries like Australia, the UK, and Canada often have the same release dates as the U.S. Translations into other languages may come out later. Often, I’m not told about the release dates since it’s a decision each country’s publisher makes. Check with a bookseller in your own country about translations or importing English copies. American booksellers may also ship to your country.

When will the next book be released in my country?

  • The Vampire Academy series is released in English speaking countries (Australia, the UK, and Canada) on the same day as the U.S. This is also usually true for my other books. Unfortunately, translations in other countries are all different, and I am not given information on when new books will be released in those places. It’s in the hands of the publishing companies who buy the rights in each country. Check with your local bookseller or book website.

Are there Kindle, ebook, or audio versions of your books?

  • Almost all books are available in Kindle/ebook format, and they release the same day as the print copies.  Many of my books are available in audio. Some are on CD and some are only on audible.com.  Again–the formats and release dates are out of my control too.

How did you get started writing?

  • I’ve wanted to write for my entire life. When I was little, I used to design my own picture books. As I got older, I began trying to write short stories. During high school and college, I fell away from writing and ended up getting degrees in other things and becoming a middle school English teacher. Not long after that, I started writing a sci-fi book as a hobby. Nothing ever came of it, but it trained me up to write Succubus Blues. I sold it relatively quickly, and from there, I began writing my other series.

Where do you get your ideas from? Are your characters or books based on real life?

None of my characters or situations are based on anything in real life–it all comes from my head! That being said, the things in my head are fueled by the world around me. I do a lot of mythological research, and often that triggers an idea for a book (like how the Romanian myth of Strigoi and Moroi inspired Vampire Academy). Sometimes tiny little things I observe in the world will spark an idea too. Writing and story creating is so complex that there’s no one good answer to say where a book comes from.

I want to be a writer. Can I send you samples of my writing or tell you about my ideas?

  • No, sorry! I’m unable to read others’ writing or advise on stories/books. Please do not send them – you won’t get a response, and they will be deleted.

I want to be a writer. Can you give me writing advice or tell me how to get published?

Getting published is a complex process that would take pages to explain. Fortunately, author Holly Lisle has created pages to explain it! Check out her site here for a comprehensive FAQ. Author Tamora Pierce also has a really excellent website on how to get an agent and get published, with specific information for young writers.

Do you know where I can find fan-fic of your books?

  • While fan-fic is flattering to authors, it’s not anything I can talk about or point you to for legal reasons.

Can we be pen pals?

Aw, sorry! While I love hearing from my readers, I’m afraid I’m unable to have a regular email exchange with anyone. Things are so busy right now that I can barely answer each person one time, let alone more than once, and I want to be fair to everyone. Writing my books takes up so much time, and I have to believe you’d rather read more of them than an email from me!

When can I read an excerpt of the next book?

  • I *usually* post the first chapter of each new book a month before release day. Sorry, it almost can never come out sooner! Go to my books page, and click on the individual series. If a book has an excerpt available, it will say so. Sometimes a publisher will not allow any excerpt to go up at all. If so, there’s nothing I can do about that.

Can you do an interview or answer questions for a school project?

  • I’m so sorry, but I am unable to do interviews or help with school projects, due to how busy my schedule is! Hopefully you can get some of the answers you need from this page. Please don’t count on me to answer in time. You won’t be able to complete the assignment.

How can I contact you?