1. Booksellers Everywhere

Richelle’s books are available from major American book retailers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble, as well as all sorts of wonderful independent bookstores. You can buy online or in person. If you go to your local bookstore and they don’t have what you want, all should be able to order it for you at no extra charge. “Superstores” like Target and Walmart also often carry her books. Most UK and Australian bookstores (like Waterstones and Dymocks) also can get them. Other countries vary.

2. Buy Your Books SIGNED!
Richelle is once again working with University Book Store in Seattle to offer you the chance to order signed books!

1. Go to University Book Store’s website, and check out their Richelle Mead page. This lists Richelle’s most popular books in a quick and easy format. If you’re looking for comics, graphic novels, or specific formats (hardcover, softcover, etc.), use their regular catalog display and search for Mead, Richelle in the author search. Order the books you want, put them in your shopping cart, and start the check-out process. For anthologies, search by title.  Note: if you have website difficulties, call  206-634-3400 and ask for General Books to order over the phone.

2. On the payment page, there’s a comment field.  Enter the following: “Please send me an autographed copy (or copies) made out to….”  Then write in who you would like the book or books made out to.  Be VERY specific about the name. Some people say “make it out to me, Joe Smith” when they really just want it made out to “Joe,” not Joe Smith.  So tell us exactly which name should be in the book! If you just want Richelle to autograph it with no personalization, then enter “signature only.”

3. Pay for the item and complete your order.

4. Richelle will find a time to stop by and sign the books (it won’t be the day you place your order, but she does visit the store every few weeks). YES! The store ships internationally. On the check-out page, click the drop-down “state” menu, and you’ll see an option to ship outside of the US.

5. PLEASE direct all selling type questions (pre-orders, international shipping costs, etc.) to ubsmail@u.washington.edu) or the bookstore’s mail order department, not Richelle.

NEW: University Book Store has copies of the Vampire Academy DVD! If you’d like to order it, search for it in their catalog. If you’d like Richelle to sign it, please say so in the comments when you check out on their website!

Note: Richelle reserves the right to modify specific message requests–especially long ones! The books only have so much room.

Check the appearances page to see if Richelle is coming to your town to sign books in person!